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Contribute your opportunity or event to the .hub!

The .hub functions as a place to promote USC and Dornsife College academic programs, events, and opportunities. We encourage all faculty, staff, and students of USC Dornsife College to use the .hub to promote their opportunities. Below are guidelines for submitting content:

  • NO offensive or explicit material.
  • NO advertisements for commercial products or services; classifieds; or SPAM.
  • NO postings of other university/college academic programs.
  • NO postings of non-Dornsife College programs of study (undergraduate or graduate).
  • NO solicitations for research participants.
  • DO promote USC-sanctioned student organizations; events; jobs and internships; academic, extracurricular, research, and funding/scholarship opportunities.

To submit your opportunity, please e-mail us at with any relevant attachments in web-friendly format (e.g. .pdf, .png, .jpg, etc).

Your e-mail must include:

  1. Contact Name & E-mail Address
  2. USC Affiliation: Student, Staff, or Faculty
  3. Organization or Department Name
  4. Opportunity Title & Brief Description – Please limit descriptions to 500 words. We will publish links you send us, if you require space for more information.
  5. Type of Opportunity – Please indicate any/all categories that apply to your opportunity:
    • Course Offering
    • Event Type: Cultural, Speaker, Workshop
    • Free Food
    • Job or Internship Opportunity
    • Research
    • Scholarship
    • Student Organization
    • Study Abroad
    • Summer
    • Volunteer
    • Relevant Dornsife Majors: You may indicate “All, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences” or specific majors. The full list of Dornsife Majors can be found at:

If in doubt, please submit your post and we will inform you if it does not meet our requirements. We reserve the right to refuse any submissions that do not adhere to the mission of USC Dornsife College. Please direct questions to our e-mail address with the subject line “QUESTION”.

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