HEBR 315 Modern Hebrew in Popular Culture

Explore modern Hebrew culture through literature, music, film and more. A perfect course for students looking to fulfill their language requirement in a meaningful and engaging way. Heritage speakers welcome! Toda raba!

JS 180gp Judaism

Have you ever wondered why Jews keep kosher? Why some Jews don’t drive or text on Saturday? What makes bagels a Jewish food?

If you’ve ever wondered about the world’s oldest religion, consider taking JS 180gp this coming Spring. This class explores Jewish experience as a living, developing tradition. By looking at the historical development of Judaism, you will better understand its contemporary and varied manifestations. This course will discuss Judaism through an interdisciplinary lens, by exploring its literature, history, tradition, practices, beliefs, and material culture. As a general education course and it satisfies GE-C and GE-G. No prior knowledge of Judaism necessary!

Brazil Maymester – PORT 250g – Cultures of Brazil & Lusophone Africa

This course explores the cultures of Brazil and Portuguese-speaking Africa. In this course students will seek to understand the traditions that create culture, their theories, and values, as a universal concept, and specifically to the Lusophone countries. Students will attend lectures and visit several sites of interest to the course while in Brazil.

Summer Seminar in Humanistic Inquiry

New Summer Opportunity: ENGL 350

Andrew Chater, an award-winning producer for the BBC, will lead a group of USC students on an experience offered by the English and History Departments of Dornsife College.  Students will follow the trail of the Joad family in John Steinbeck’s classic novel The Grapes of Wrath from their original home in the Oklahoma dust bowl to the central valley of California, where their experiences as migrant fruit-pickers took place.  The course is ENGL 350g, Literature of California, which satisfies the Humanistic Inquiry requirement of the 2015 GE program.  A flier describing the course is attached to this email.

Announcing the addition of SWMS 310, Gender and Social Justice, to the Fall 2016 Schedule of Classes

Sociology Honor’s Seminar Research Presentation

Join our department in celebrating the outstanding work of these young scholars!

Wednesday, April 27th

Presentations at 4:00pm

Reception at 5:00pm

HSH 201