.hub is a service of USC Dornsife College Advising.  This website was created to provide a place for USC Dornsife students, staff and faculty to share opportunities and events that will enrich the educational experience, as well as inform and engage the college community.


USC Dornsife College Advising cultivates academic and personal growth by encouraging students to be proactive in their education. Comprised of professional academic advisors, USC Dornsife College Advising helps students prioritize, strategize, and make informed decisions about their educational, professional and personal endeavors. Through engagement with peers, faculty, staff and the community, Dornsife College Advisors challenge students to broaden their perspectives and embrace numerous possibilities. USC Dornsife College Advisors connect students to relevant university opportunities, offices, and resources in an effort to foster meaningful educational experiences.

The USC Dornsife College Advising philosophy is to address more than just the students’ academic pursuits; advisors also address all aspects of student life. In an effort to foster the holistic development of our students, Dornsife College advisors promote empowerment, accountability, integrity, discovery, introspection, and self-awareness.


For questions, comments or concerns about .hub please email us at hub@dornsife.usc.edu.

If you would like to contribute your opportunity or event, click here.

Dornsife College Advising Office
3454 Trousdale Parkway, CAS 120
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Phone: (213) 740-2534

Created by David Lichtenstein and the staff of USC Dornsife College Advising.

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