New Minor in Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence

The Spatial Sciences Institute (SSI) will offer a new minor in Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence this Fall 2016. This interdisciplinary minor aims to educate future leaders in location-based analytics to gather, interpret and implement actionable intelligence to provide human security. It will teach students how to address threats both from natural disasters and human origin.

This minor has an inherent appeal to students in a number of majors including Political Science, International Relations, Environmental Studies, Middle East Studies, GeoDesign, PPD and any ROTC and interested students should contact Director of Undergraduate Studies Darren Ruddell ( or Academic Advisor Ken Watson ( if they are interested in learning more.

The curriculum for this minor is comprised of some new and many existing courses. SSI will be offering two new courses in the undergraduate curriculum. SSCI 214: Human Populations and Natural Hazards will satisfy GE Category C and the lower division elective requirement. The course will begin this Fall and is being taught by Darren Ruddell. The other new course will be SSCI 401: Geospatial Intelligence which will fulfill one of the three core requirements (the other two being SSCI 301: Maps and Spatial Reasoning and IR 381: Introduction to International Security). A full list of requirements can be found on the SSI website here:



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