New Course! ENST499 SOS Food: the Science Of Sustainable Food

Open to all majors, 2-unit special topic spring break course

Mar 13 – 18, 2016 at the USC Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island

Course description:

“Eating is an ecological act.” – Michael Pollan

The ENST499: Science Of Sustainable Food course will introduce students to important concepts in agroecology and examine the close relationship between food production and natural ecosystems.  An aquaponics system at the USC Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island will be used to demonstrate the link between sustainable food production and a healthy and thriving ecosystem, emphasizing underlying ecological principles.

Aquaponics is a food production platform that combines plant cultivation and aquaculture in a single recirculating system that takes advantage of the natural nutrient and waste cycling between fish, plants and bacteria to produce food.

You must be available to participate during the entire spring break week on Catalina Island to enroll in this class.

For more information about this course or to request D-clearance, please contact Dr. Diane Kim:  Class limited to 10 students.



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