The Presence of Absence: Photographing Loss and Violence

September 16      

12 noon   

Ground Zero Coffeehouse

One of the ignored but crucial consequences of genocide: What to remember when everything is gone? When there are no photos or mementos, how does a child or grandchild remember?

One grandchild of survivors has a unique way to connect to his family’s past – through photography. And the story of his family is a window into Armenian life in late 19th and early 20th century Anatolia. On Sep. 16, Armen Marsoobian, author of FRAGMENTS OF A LOST HOMELAND – REMEMBERING ARMENIA, will be In Conversation with USC’s Dean of Religious Life Varun Soni on the topic of photography as a medium for shaping public memory and collective consciousness.The event is co-sponsored by the USC Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Studies. The discussion will be live streamed at

Presence of Absence Marsoobian-Soni-9-16-2015-flyer[1]


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