New Judaic Studies Courses for Fall 2015!

JS 321 Gender and Judaism

Interested in how gender affects religious, social and political life? Wondering about religion and sexuality? This class looks at the ways gender differences are shaped and reshaped by the cultures and societies in which Jews have lived. The class examines some of the ways that gender reshapes existing ideas about “Judaism” and “Jewishness” from ancient to contemporary times.

JS 389 Culture and Society in Israel

What makes a state? What makes a culture? This class looks at the social, political, and cultural forces that shaped and continue to shape contemporary Israel. In addition to examining e the process of creating a state–and a national culture—this class investigates the current tensions and fissures within Israeli society, including the peace process. We will look at the multiple narratives that have created and continue to create Israel including Jewish and Arab, secular and religious Israelis, Western and Eastern, individualist and collectivist, ideological and pragmatist.


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