Freshmen — Are you interested in Africa? Literature? Film? Medicine? History? This GE Seminar is for YOU!

GESM 120g: Seminar in Humanistic Inquiry

Health and the Body Politic in African Literature and Film

Taught by Professor Julie Nack Ngue

For many, the mere mention of Africa seems to conjure up images of rampant disease, violent conflict, extreme poverty, and a generalized suffering.

In this course, we will explore the potency and instability of such images of African health and the body through a careful exploration of texts, novels, and films from colonial times through the early 21st century. If the colonial period revealed a deep fascination with and revulsion for the African “other” (in body and mind), postcolonial novels and films allow for productive new representations of African health and the body. Over the course of the semester, we will explore the ways in which African writers and filmmakers have engaged with ideas of health, gender and the body to counter and to complicate those dominant images associated with Africa and Africans.

In particular, we will consider portraits of: bodily and psychological maladies associated with colonization; health and (dis)ability body in postcolonial nation-building; HIV/AIDS; and sexuality in contemporary Africa.

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