HIST 307: Women in Medieval Europe, c. 1000-1500

HIST 307: Women in Medieval Europe, c. 1000-1500

Professor Swensson – Tuesday & Thursday 12:30-1:50pm

Have you ever wondered what historical figures inspired the characters of Daenarys Targaryen or the White Queen? In this course, we will explore the fascinating and dynamic world of medieval women by looking at the culture, art, literature, politics, and religion of medieval Europe during the period from c. 1000-1500. We will examine the daily experience of medieval women from all walks of life—whether peasant or Queen, nun or prostitute—examining how their lives differed from their contemporaries and how they differ from our own lives in the present. Finally, we will look at the concept of medieval women throughout history, examining how depictions of historical women fit into our modern fantasy of the medieval world.


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