2015 USC Archaeology Award

USC Archaeology – 2015 Competition – $500 x 2
Two $500 awards will be made for the best response to this prompt:


Yes, each submission should express something about “USC Archaeology!!”. Your response may be any length, any genre, and take any form that can be experienced repeatedly. In other words, a “one-time” performance could not count while a video of a performance could count; graffiti that the must be painted over could not count while a high-quality photograph of a painted image could count; a virtual reality product could count while a Snapchat product could not count. Ask if you are unsure.

Original authorship or the creation of an original recombination is a fundamental requirement for all submissions.

Contributors must be USC students, or must include at least one USC student if a team effort is submitted. Open to all majors and schools. Multiple response are allowed.

Submission of any material or product constitutes irrevocable permission for USC Archaeology to use the submission for all possible purposes without cost, in perpetuity, with credit given to the creator(s). Awards will be given in the form of reimbursement for travel costs and/or research-related expenses.

All materials must be submitted either in person to the Archaeology Research Center or via email to archaeology@usc.edu by 10 AM Monday, March 2, 2015.


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