POSC Spring 2015 Classes

Still need a class for Spring 2015?
Look no further — 
POSC has got you covered!

American Government
POSC 328: Asian American Politics – Mon, Wed & Fri; 9-9:50am
POSC 420: Practicum in the American Political Process – Tues; 2-4:50pm
POSC 422: Political Attitudes and Behavior – Mon, Wed & Fri; 11-11:50am
POSC 437: Mass Media and Politics in Critical Issues – Mon; 2-4:50pm
POSC 439: Environmental Participation – Mon; 2-4:50pm

Comparative Politics
POSC 356: Politics in the People’s Republic of China – Mon; 7-9:50pm
POSC 360: Comparative Political Institutions – Mon, Wed & Fri; 10-10:50am
POSC 456: Social Policy in the European Union – Mon & Wed; 2-3:20pm

Law and Public Policy
POSC 452: Labor Regulation and Negotiation in Europe – Fri; 1-3:50pm


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