Religion 479: Seminar in Christian Thought

Religion 479: Seminar in Christian Thought
(NEW TIME!) Tues 2-4:50 – Professor Lisa Bitel (

THE SUPERNATURAL in Christian Thought & Practice

Angels, apparitions, visions, magic, possession, saints, demons, ghosts…all these and other unearthly phenomena are built into historical Christian doctrines & practices. How did believers of the past define the supernatural, the divine, and the demonic? what techniques did they use to invoke and interact with the supernatural? How do modern believers reconcile 21st science & technologies with ideas about the paranormal and supernatural?


Class format will consist of discussion, guest lectures, viewing of films, and at least one off campus class meeting. Assignments include regular participation, brief presentations, blog postings, and a research project.

REL 479 is open to all – no prerequisites or background necessary – assignments will be adapted for both beginners & advanced students, including graduate students.


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