ITP now offers summer courses

ITP (Information Technology Program) in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering now offers summer courses!  Also, check out our new course offerings for the fall.


ITP 104: Web Publishing, (2 units); no prerequisites

Web publishing using HTML, CSS and other Web technologies. Concepts and theory of Web site creation, page layout and production. Introduction to advanced topics.

Meets from 5/22 – 7/2

11:00-1:50pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

KAP 267

Instructor: Patrick Dent

ITP 165: Introduction to C++ Programming (2 units); no prerequisites Fundamentals of C++ syntax and semantics, including function prototypes, overloading, memory management, abstract data types, object creation, pointers to class members, and I/O streams.

Meets from 5/21 – 7/1

3:00-4:50pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,  and Thursdays

KAP 107

Instructor: Sanjay Madhav

ITP 230: Video Game Quality Assurance (4 units); no prerequisites

Survey game software development through quality assurance and in-depth analysis of the development cycle with a focus on bug testing systems and methodologies.

Meets from 5/21 – 8/12

2:00-4:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

OHE 542

Instructor: Tom Sloper


ITP 479: Cyber Law and Privacy (3 units); no prerequisites

Cyber legal issues, search and seizure, 4th amendment and digital evidence, private searches, case law relating to search and seizure

5:30-8:20pm Tuesdays

KAP 267

Instructor: Benny Forer, Deputy District Attorney, LA County District Attorney’s Office

A veteran criminal prosecutor with experience prosecuting cases ranging from narcotics offenses to gang murders to complex white collar crime. A member of the prestigious High-Tech Crimes Unit, focusing on complex technologically based crimes.

Additionally, an experienced lecturer on topics pertaining to criminal justice, criminal procedure, privacy concerns, constitutional issues, sex crimes, complex fraud and white collar offenses.

ITP 499: Technologies for Social Impact (2 units); no prerequisites

Social entrepreneurship is a rapidly developing and changing business field in which business and nonprofit leaders design, grow, and lead mission-driven enterprises.  Students will design learning settings that incorporate emergent social concerns and issues utilizing cutting edge technology. Students explore strategic planning, institutional change processes, and policy issues that influence organizations in a rapidly changing global climate. This course enhances an appreciation for diversity within local and global communities.

7:00-8:50pm Tuesdays

GFS 111

Instructor: Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia

Founder and CEO of PlayWerks, an independent interactive media company that creates high quality innovative multi-platform immersive interactive experiences that inspire, empower, and engage children and adults.

Previously, Shirin worked as the Research Manager & Bratz Brand Manager at MGA Entertainment, where she combined her child and youth marketing expertise with her toy marketing experience to perform ongoing research and analysis of the most current industry trends, consumer motivations and competitor activity for over five years. Salemnia was also responsible for the design development of MGA’s Play Lab – a place where dyads and triads of children and their parents gather for in-house qualitative research right on MGA’s premises.

Prior to MGA, Salemnia worked at Mattel, Inc. in Worldwide Consumer Research for the Barbie/Girls Division. Here, in addition to conducting both qualitative and quantitative research, she was responsible for supporting Strategic Planning in all related new business ventures.
ITP 499: Mobile Game Marketing (2 units); no prerequisites

Exposes students to the state of the art of user acquisition for mobile games – aka marketing. Students learn today’s best practices and get hands on with the software tools of the trade by marketing their own USC mobile games. Specifically this means students will use online software tools for planning marketing campaigns, executing marketing campaigns, measuring effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and optimizing marketing campaigns.

6:00-7:50pm Tuesdays

KAP 107

Instructor: Chris Swain

Chris Swain is an entrepreneur, game designer, and long-time contributor to game education at USC. He is founder of Credible Research Corporation – which is a spin-off of the USC Games Institute, a research consortium he directed while a full-time professor teaching games at USC from 2005-2011. Chris led over 50 games and digital products in industry for companies that include: Microsoft, Disney, Sony, Activision, MTV, Warner Brothers, Discovery, BBC, PBS, Intel, and many others. His projects have won over two dozen design awards. Notable games include the world’s first massively multiplayer casual game NetWits – original IP which Swain sold to the Microsoft Network; Multiplayer Jeopardy!; and Multiplayer Wheel of Fortune. The Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune games were landmark hits for Sony Online that helped establish the then new, business of online casual games. Chris was a founding member of the design agency R/GA Interactive which grew from 4 people to over 100 and $0 in revenue to over $50mm annually during his time at the company. Chris’s USC game lab project, The Redistricting Game, is a staple in the redistricting reform community. His game, Ecotopia, was created in collaboration with Conversation International and translated in-game actions by players into real world impact – specifically in into thousands of trees being planted in the Brazilian rain forest. Chris led many other projects while full-time at USC including for Rockefeller Foundation, Gates Foundation, Annenberg Foundation, LA Times, and the US National Counterterrorism Center.

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