Study Abroad in Rio de Janeiro this Summer

USC is offering a study abroad trip/program to Rio de Janeiro from May 19 to June 13. Students can take this class to fulfill the GE 2 requirement. Speaking Portuguese is not required, and there are no pre-reqs for this course.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling deadline, so the sooner you turn in your application, the better your chances are of attending.

If you are interested, just email Ellen M Oliveira at

Attached are the flier, Teacher Rec and Application for the program. Good luck


PORT 250g is a GE course, Category II (Global Cultures and Traditions), and it does not have a language requirement. The program duration is four weeks, with the first week in Los Angeles and the last three weeks in Brazil. While in Brazil students will attend lectures, take a four-day study trip to Salvador, a day trip to Petrópolis, and make other visits of cultural interest to the course.  The course material will draw from literature, visual culture, music, and cultural theory. While in Rio students will live with a Brazilian host family.




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