Vision for Vision is hosting ophthalmologist guest speaker Dr. Lloyd Cuzzo!


Vision for Vision is hosting ophthalmologist guest speaker Dr. Lloyd Cuzzo on Tuesday, November 12 at 7:30 pm in THH 217! Join us to watch a cataract surgery and ask any questions about medical school, residency, and ophthalmology.

There will be free food!   

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Vision for Vision Website:

Vision for Vision is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about glaucoma through direct community outreach. With support from the National Eye Institute and Glaucoma Research Foundation – our organization coordinates student groups to give fun, interactive, and informative presentation about the importance of annual eye care exams. By reaching out and speaking with at-risk populations directly, we can inform them of the benefits available for eye exams covered through Medicare or other charity programs. In this manner, they can catch glaucoma early and safeguard their vision from preventable vision loss. Vision for Vision’s community outreach model has been featured in the American Glaucoma Society and World Glaucoma Congress exhibit halls.


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