Holocaust in the Caucasus, Talk November 12th, 2013, 4-6 pm

The Speaker series of the Shapell-Guerin Chair in Jewish Studies:

“Holocaust, Genocides and Race Relations in World History”


in association with the USC-Shoah Foundation Institute

Crispin Brooks (USC)

Holocaust and Ethnic Cleansing in the North Caucasus, 1942-43

In one small part of the North Caucasus, two major instances of ethnically targeted mass violence were perpetrated by two different states against two different victims within the space of just over a year. The talk draws on contemporary documents as well as video testimony to examine the contexts, events, and interpretations of the Nazi massacres of Jews in the Karachai Autonomous Region (August 1942 – January 1943) and the November 1943 Soviet deportation of the entire Karachai people from their homeland.

Crispin Brooks is the curator of the USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive. He holds a B.A. in Russian and Soviet Studies (University of Manchester), and a M.Phil. in Russian Literature (University College London). At the Shoah foundation he is responsible for the indexing of the Foundation’s audiovisual testimonies of witnesses of the Holocaust, the Rwandan Tutsi Genocide, and other genocides. His academic publications include two works on Russian avant-garde poetry; his current research focuses on the Holocaust in Ukraine and the North Caucasus.

12 November 2013 (Tuesday) 4 pm – 6 pm

USC-University Park Campus, Social Science Building, Room 250

Please RSVP: Lori Rogers (Hist), Tel:  213.740.8999, Fax:  213.740.6999, lrogers@usc.edu


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