New Online Exceptional Funding Application

We are pleased to announce the launch of our online Exceptional Funding application for Trustee, Presidential, Mork, and Stamps Scholars! Students received instructions today on how to access the application from their myUSC account under the Undergraduate Advisement tab.

Applications are currently being accepted for Summer 2013. Merit Scholars (Trustee, Presidential, Mork, Stamps only) who want assistance with USC summer tuition MUST APPLY for Exceptional Funding. Their scholarship does not automatically apply for the Summer as it does for Fall or Spring terms.

March 15 is the priority deadline for Summer Exceptional Funding – students who meet the eligibility requirements are guaranteed funding. We have a second deadline set for April 12. Students are granted funding on a first come first served basis only – funding is not guaranteed.

Thank you!

Academic & International Fellowships staff                                            

Noosha Malek, Director

Martha Enciso, Associate Director

Katie Calvert, Assistant Director

(213) 740-9116


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