Struggling with a High-Intensity Religious, Community, or Familial Network?

X-iles Support Group

Fridays, 5:00-6:00 pm, URC 106 conference room

X-iles is a peer support group for students struggling with participation in high-pressure or high-intensity groups. Such groups can include clubs, cultural or family networks, religious communities, or other organizations that are sources of stress. These can include groups that limit students’ interactions with non-group members, demand an inordinate time commitment from members, expect members to believe things that students find problematic, allow or encourage hazing, or foster other kinds of behavior experienced by a student as abusive or unreasonable. Some students are struggling with the consequences of having quit such groups, such as losing friendships, changes in family relationships, or loss of identity. Other students are struggling with their continued participation in such groups. X-iles is a safe, confidential space for students to share experiences and support each other, giving each other encouragement to make their own choices, without judgment and without pressure to quit, join, or
continue affiliation with any group. Advisor: Prof. Lori Meeks <> .


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