2013 Scribe Submissions

Interested in becoming a published author? Submit your papers now to USC Scribe!

Submissions for the Spring 2013 edition welcome until Friday, 15 February 2013. Please see our submission guidelines below:

Submit an undergraduate thesis, essay, poem, short story, short film, musical composition, photo, or artwork portfolio that you think would appeal to a range of site visitors. We publish submissions that work as stand-alone pieces and articles rather than perfunctory classroom assignments. If you are passionate about something you created this year, send it our way!

We strive to publish complex and innovative work for a college-level audience, highlighting pieces that are written in an engaging vernacular.

Multiple submissions by the same author are fine by us. Artists and poets should feel free to submit a collection of work or a portfolio.

Please include your name and email address somewhere on the title page of your work.

Submit electronically to scribe.usc@gmail.com or submit hard copies to PIC 208, the Writing Program main office, open Mon-Fri from 0800-1700.


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