New Courses of Interest in Occupational Science and Therapy

The Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science is offering some new courses of interest starting in spring 2013!

OT 251: Across the Lifespan – Occupations, Health and Disability (4 units)

Course Description: Exploration of the transformative power of occupation throughout the lifespan for all individuals.

*Note* OT 251 counts toward the pre-professional courses required for the OT program; it does not count toward the OS Minor.


OT 355: Occupational Reconstructions and Social Transformations (only 2 units!)

Course Description: The use of occupations (meaningful, purposeful activities) to restore identity, agency, health, wellbeing, skills, political power to populations in problematic situations, such as wars and natural disasters.

Also, OT 360 is a highly recommended course for spring 2013!

OT 360: Creating the Self Through Narrative – Acts of Life Story Production (4 units)

Course Description: Analysis of life stories, life histories, and testimonies in social interactions, texts, and films. Life stories are an occupation to re-create the "Self" in response to conflict and change.


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