3 MUN Executive Board Positions Open: Applications Due by Wednesday December 5

For those interested in leadership positions on the Model United Nations Executive Board, there are 3 positions opening up. The application is attached. We ask that you put your top three preferences, provide a brief writeup of what you believe you will contribute on the application, and send in your resume to munsc@usc.edu by 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 5th in order to be eligible. If you have any questions please email the VP of Public Relations, Alex Jacobson at asjacobs@usc.edu.

Open Positions
Director of Recruitment:

Developing recruitment strategies to bring new members to meetings

Responsible for the graphic identity and the web presence of the club, including the website, all Facebook groups, Twitter, flyers, and images.

-May be called upon by other board members to produce marketing devices for their projects.

-Give presentations on Model United Nations to organizations, classes, and large audience

The External Funding Chair:

-Responsible for the planning and coordinating of fundraising events

-In charge of getting sponsors and other activities involving getting funds from non-official USC sources

-Communicates with the VP of the Treasury to maintain MUNSC’s finances


-Communicates to club members and controls the mailing list

-Sends weekly meeting e-mails to the members

-Requests rooms for meetings and conferences

-Represents all formal communication, which is utilized at the behest of the Board. Team members may authorize the Secretary to send out a formal e-mail, letter or any other required communication.



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