Summer 2015 – Notable Roski Courses

FACE 112: Ceramics (4.0 units) 33251R
Practical and theoretical exploration of the nature of surface, form, volume and mass as fundamental elements of
clay sculpture and the ceramic object. Duplicates credit in the former FA 112.

FACE 312: Advanced Ceramics (4.0 units) 33253R
Directed examination of aesthetic concepts and investigation into personal ideas as they relate to the
development of a creative visual language in ceramics. Duplicates credit in the former FA 312.Prerequisite: 1 from
(FA 112 or FACE 112)

FACE 412: Topics in Advanced Ceramics (4.0 units, max 12) 33252R
Directed examination of aesthetic concepts and investigation into personal ideas as they relate to the
development of a creative visual language in ceramics. Duplicates credit in the former FA 412.
Prerequisite: 1 from (FA 312 or FACE 312)

FADN 203: Digital Tools for Design (2.0 units) 33259R
Exploration of the processes of germination, ideation and application/execution in design integrated with
computer usage. Duplicates credit in the former FA 203.

FADW 101: Introduction to Drawing: Studio Projects, Methods, Materials (4.0 units) 33200R
An introduction to drawing, both skill and perception oriented, as the basic tool for all the visual arts. Duplicates
credit in the former FA 101a.

FADW 301: Advanced Drawing (4.0 units) 33202R
Directed examination of personal approaches in drawing; emphasis on making visual and artistic decisions and
developing an appropriate attitude towards individual expression. Duplicates credit in the former FA 301.
Prerequisite: 1 from (FA 201b or FADW 201)

FADW 401: Topics in Advanced Drawing (4.0 units, max 12) 33203R
Continued directed examination of personal approaches in drawing, emphasis on making visual and artistic
decisions and developing an appropriate attitude towards visual expression. Duplicates credit in the former FA
Prerequisite: 1 from (FA 301 or FADW 301)

FAPH 209: Introduction to Photography (4.0 units) 33231R
Introduction to the practice of photographic image‐making within fine arts. Emphasis on developing technical skills
in relation to personal vision. Work in black and white. Duplicates credit in the former FA 209a.

FAPT 105: Painting I (4.0 units) 33217R
Practical introduction to oil and acrylic pigments, painting equipment, processes and media. Primary experience in
color, composition, and perception through representational and abstract painting. Duplicates credit in the
former FA 105.

FAPT 205: Painting II (4.0 units) 33218R
Continuation of practical and theoretical skills introduced in Painting I. Color in personal expression, perception,
and content; cultural subjects/objects and symbols signifying a personal language. Duplicates credit in the
former FA 205a.
Prerequisite: 1 from (FA 105 or FAPT 105)

FAPT 305: Advanced Painting (4.0 units) 33220R
Directed examination of aesthetic concepts; investigation into personal ideas related to the development of a
creative visual language in painting. Duplicates credit in the former FA 305.
Prerequisite: 1 from (FA 205b or FAPT 205)

FAPT 405: Topics in Advanced Painting (4.0 units, max 12) 33221R
Directed painting with continued emphasis on personal choices regarding the appropriation of conceptual images
and arrangement, material processes scale, number of paintings. Ongoing critical response to paintings. Duplicates
credit in the former FA 405.
Prerequisite: 1 from (FA 305 or FAPT 305)

FASC 236: Metal (2.0 units) 33278R
Introduction to metal in fine art. Emphasis on technical proficiencies and effective solutions working in a variety of
metals. Recommended preparation: FASC 106. Duplicates credit in the former FA 236.

NGOs and Social Change, B.A.

A new USC Dornsife interdisciplinary major to inspire new solutions!

NGOs and Social Change, BA

Nine courses (36 units) in which you learn how people in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and nonprofits promote new forms of citizenship and governance, aim to protect the environment and to lessen the suffering of people around the world. From investigations of everyday interactions to explorations of larger economic, political, and social structures, this major will provide classroom and internship experiences to help you change the world.
Please contact Sociology for more information: 213-740-3533

Dornsife College Advising Survey

This semester, Dornsife College Advising would like to hear your thoughts about our services! By filling out this survey, you will help us improve the quality of service that we provide in the future. You have from now until November 27th to fill out the survey. This survey will take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Once you completed the survey, you will have the option to enter our raffle. Our raffle prizes include:
– iPad mini
– urBeats earphones
– USC Camelbak
– Gift cards to local eateries

There will be two periods where we will be raffling prizes off: 10/24/14 & 11/21/14. We will be having our Grand Prize raffle drawing on 11/21/14.

Survey link:

Advisement Survey Flyer (8.5 x 5.5)

Internship, Research and Volunteer Opportunities Workshop

First-Generation College Student Mentor Program

The First-Generation College Student Mentor Program is offered through the USC Career Center. This program will provide real world exposure to the working world through a mentorship that focuses on professional and career development. Students will be paired with USC alumni who were also first-generation college students.

Students will gain professional development and career direction while fostering a relationship with a person who can be more than a mentor, but a role model. Students will be able to discuss any concerns or challenges they face as a first-generation college student at USC while gaining support, direction and connectivity from their mentor.

For more information on program expectations, eligibility, and application process please visit the following link:

Work in Education—Apply to Jumpstart USC today!

Jumpstart is a national non-profit organization committed to closing the achievement gap by providing high quality language and literacy education to preschool students in low-income communities. USC students are trained as teachers and reading partners, and spend 8-12 hours a week in team settings to implement a rich curriculum and engage local families and community leaders to invest in early childhood education. The earn work-study as well as an additional $1,175 Americorps education grant for their service!

Info sessions will be held on Tuesday, September 2nd, and Wednesday, September 3rd, from 7:00PM-8:00PM at TCC 412. Hiring is competitive, and prospective applicants are highly encouraged to attend. Find out more about our program, and network with the staff and alum of a successful national non-profit!

Contact for further information.

Jumpstart Info Session Ad

Job Announcement: Joint Educational Project (JEP) – Science Education Teaching Assistant

Joint Educational Project (JEP)– YOUNG SCIENTISTS PROGRAM
USC ReadersPlus

Science Education Teaching Assistant

JEP is searching for two undergraduate students pursuing degrees in the sciences with at least one year to commit to the Young Scientists Program (YSP). The YSP Teaching Assistants will be placed at five elementary schools in our immediate USC community to teach hands-on science lessons that will support teachers and students in science education.

This position requires:

  • An interest in science education;
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Strong organization skills;
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities;
  • A self-starter, able to take initiative and work independently;
  • 5 hours per week available to dedicate to the position (pay rate $10/hour);
  • Attendance at regular staff meetings.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Presenting meaningful, hands-on science lessons that will be implemented in the at assigned school;
  • Organizing and maintaining the Science Lab Materials at the school;
  • Assisting classroom teachers and students with science activities to promote the development of science education;
  • Other responsibilities which match specific program needs.

To apply, contact Tina Koneazny:
Deadline to apply: Friday, September 5th, 2014