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Writing With a Vengeance: The Legacies of Tania Modleski’s Loving With a Vengeance & The Women Who Knew Too Much

Thursday, February 21, 2013. 3:15 pm- 4:15 pm @ THH 420

Few scholars manage to trouble the critical currents in their own field of study and in far-flung disciplines as well. Yet beginning in 1982, with the publication of her brilliant Loving With a Vengeance, Tania Modleski upended many of the working assumptions of feminist film criticism, and in ways that reverberated among the disciplines of Literary Studies, Sociology, History, Gender Studies, American Studies, Communication, and Media Studies. Analyzing cultural texts at the very bottom of our cultural escalator–Harlequin romances, TV soaps, and gothic novels–Modleski explored reasons for their massive and longstanding popularity among women, and did so without recourse to the then-popular notion of false consciousness. In her 1988 book, The Women Who Knew Too Much, a revisionist study of the work of director Alfred Hitchcock, Modleski challenged prevailing views, both pro and con, about the director’s work and complicated feminist understandings of female spectatorship.

In order to mark two anniversaries–the 30th anniversary of the publication of Loving With a Vengeance and the 25th anniversary of the publication of The Women Who Knew Too Much–the University of Southern California’s Center for Feminist Research, Gender Studies Program and English Department will sponsor “Writing With a Vengeance,” a symposium that will both celebrate and critically appraise the legacies of Modleski’s two landmark texts. “Writing With a Vengeance” features Lynn Spigel, who holds the Frances Willard Professorship of Screen Cultures at Northwestern University; Victoria Johnson, Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies at the University of California, Irvine; Kara Keeling, Associate Professor of Critical Studies and American Studies at USC; and, our honored colleague, Tania Modleski, the Florence R. Scott Professor of English at USC.





CALL FOR PAPERS for a new undergraduate journal at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

An undergraduate student organization, the Bipartisan Issues Group, hopes to publish a journal of undergraduate submissions next fall. The journal, entitled the Undergraduate Journal for Collective Action, will feature papers that propose practical solutions to our nation’s most pressing collective action issues.

Submissions will be accepted through March 15, 2013, with an expected publication date of Fall 2013.

The guidelines for papers are as follows:
-Submissions should be between 5 and 25 pages
-Authors may adapt papers from previous, original coursework, but the pieces should not have been published previously
-Papers should explain a collective action issue in the U.S. today and propose a solution in a bipartisan or nonpartisan manner
-Papers will be accepted through March 15, 2013 via email at

More information on the UW Bipartisan Issues Group and the Undergraduate Journal for Collective Action is accessible through the following mediums:
twitter: @uwBIG
email: or

Volunteer in Tanzania for HIV/AIDS awareness campaign

Do you want to help save the world?

Support for International Change (SIC) is a non profit organization that strive to limit the impact of HIV/AIDS in the under-served communities and to train future leaders in global health.

We are looking for volunteers this summer who want a challenging, two-month experience teaching HIV/AIDS biology and prevention while emerging in the Tanzanian culture.

Whether you’re a public health major looking for some real-life, hands on experience or just someone who wants to make a sustaining impact in one of the most majestic places in the world, this is the optimal opportunity for you! For more information on the program visit where you can find the application, program dates (USC students usually go on VP1), and a brief overview about what the organization is really about.

Please feel free to email us at regarding any concerns and we will be happy to answer all questions.

Applications are due February 17th!!!

Still OPEN, Brazil Problems without Passports


The Wizard of Oz As A Spiritual Journey

The Wizard of Oz As A Spiritual Journey, Retreat. Fri. Feb. 15th 7pm-9pm & Sat. Feb. 16th 10am-4pm. At the USC Caruso Catholic Center, 844 W. 32nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

Who are you? Who has God created you to be? Where is God calling you? What are your spiritual gifts? Join Fr. Nathan Castle, OP, Director of the Catholic Community at Stanford, as he explores how in the Wizard of Oz, the characters all go seeking gifts that are already in them that they each have difficulty seeing.

Cost is $20 for general admission. Register by Thurs. Feb. 14th by emailing Rose at


Join Us for Teach for Los Angeles

Hello everyone,
Do you want to get involved on campus? Looking for a student organization to meet great people? Have you ever thought about making a difference in the nearby community? Come and join us in Teach for Los Angeles!

Who are we?
We are a group of USC students who help the local community through a free tutoring program.

What do we do?
We offer free tutoring to students in the subjects of math, reading, writing and college prep outside of the classroom. Usually we tutor from 10:00-12:00 on Saturday mornings. All of our TFLA tutors commit their time and efforts to make a change in the local community.

How do I join?
To be a qualified tutor, you must come to our mandatory information session on Saturday, January 26th at 10 a.m. in THH 106.

Our Website:

Find us on Facebook: Teach La

USC Dornsife Continuing Student Scholarships

The general application for the 2013-14 USC Dornsife Continuing Student Scholarships is available online now.  If you are a current USC Dornsife student with a minimum 3.0 cumulative USC GPA, will be a full-time USC Dornsife undergraduate in 2013-14, and have completed at least one semester at USC, you are eligible to apply.  Visit to access the application and learn more about the general scholarship application process.

In addition to the general USC Dornsife Continuing Student Scholarships, there are a number of other scholarships for USC Dornsife students which have separate applications, requirements, and deadlines. Visit to learn more about these other scholarship opportunities.

If you have any questions about the scholarship application process, please contact USC Dornsife Admission at (213) 740-5930 or

I Am USC Dornsife Student Contest


USC Dornsife Scholarships

USC Dornsife offers a number of merit-based scholarships each year for continuing USC Dornsife students.  Current USC freshmen, sophomores, and juniors with majors in USC Dornsife may apply for these scholarships, which will be awarded for the 2013-2014 academic year.

To be eligible to apply for a USC Dornsife Continuing Student Scholarship, you must:

  • Have a declared USC Dornsife major (undecided and undeclared students are not eligible) at the time of application and during the 2013-14 academic year
  • Be a full-time undergraduate student at the time of application and during the 2013-14 academic year
  • Have a minimum cumulative USC GPA of 3.0
  • Have completed at least one semester at USC

The general application for the 2013-14 USC Dornsife Continuing Student Scholarships is available online now.  Visit to access the application and learn more about the application process.

White House Internship Program – Deadline January 27, 2013

"We need your service right now, at this moment in history. I’m not going to tell you what your role should be; that’s for you to discover. But I’m asking you to stand up and play your part."

-President Barack Obama
April 21, 2009