Research Assistant Position

We are looking for new undergraduate research assistants to aid in research tasks focusing on social and health consequences of drug use.  This is a paid part-time position through the USC School of Social Work and would include assisting with research tasks, such as data entry, literature reviews, and basic data analysis. Those with statistical or qualitative analysis experience are encouraged to apply. Spanish speakers are not required, but preferred.  If interested, please send a completed application and resume to

Undergraduate Research Opportunity

Interested in gaining valuable experience in a research lab?

Looking for a strong letter of recommendation?

The Town lab is looking for motivated undergraduate students who are interested in gaining lab experience as a research assistant. Our lab focuses on the interface between two main systems of the body, the central nervous system and immune system. More specifically, our lab is interested in the innate immune system in Alzheimer’s disease. There are projects focused on immune drug deliveries in Alzheimer rats, immune reactions to neural stem cell engraftments, and the basic cellular biology of microglia (the resident immune cells of the brain).

Freshmen and sophomores looking for multiple years of experience are highly encouraged to apply. Juniors with lab experience are also encouraged to apply. Animal handling experience is a bonus. Drosophila experience is also a bonus. We are asking students to dedicate at least 15 hours per week.

If you are interested, please send an email with a one paragraph description of your reasons for wanting to join the Town lab along with your CV to Allan Jensen

New Course Math for 499 (no math prerequisite)

Math 499 The Foundations of Mathematics and the Acquisition of Mathematical Knowledge Spring 2014

Why is addition commutative but its ‘inverse’ subtraction is not? Why is a equal to a÷b? b

Whyis a ÷c equalto a ×d? Whyisthisstilltrueevenifa,b,canddaren’tintegers? bd bc

What does e + π mean and how can we evaluate it? What is the difference in the meaning of the equals sign between x2 −1 = 0, x2 −1 = (x−1)(x+1), (x2 −1)/(x−1) = x+1 and √x2 = x? What does it mean for a line to be straight? Are there lines that are not straight? In Math 499 we will be addressing these questions and more!

In this class we will explore the foundations of mathematics and how we acquire and process mathematical knowledge. We will revisit K-12 mathematics from the point of view of a mathematician. We will explore the roles of metaphors, models, and definitions. We will discuss the use of symbols and see that even in mathematics their meanings are often contextual. We will compare and contrast proofs and convincing arguments and think about the roles they play in developing and understanding mathematics. We will discuss the relationship between mathematics and our physical world and how we use mathematics to understand the physical world. We will consider various algorithms common in K- 12 mathematics and discuss why and how they work. We also will read and discuss the literature on how K-12 mathematics is taught and how we learn and process that knowledge. Throughout the semester, you will also the opportunity to observe and participate in classes at AUGUSTUS HAWKINS High School. This is a new school with a modern curriculum implementing an initiative called the Algebra Project.

This class has no prerequisites. In particular, it is not necessary to have taken any college level math classes; you are only expected to know how to count (albeit fairly well!). However, students must be willing to engage with the material at a mathematically sophisticated level. There will be very little lecturing. There will be a lot of discussion, group work, and both oral and written presentations. This class will be valuable for math majors, anyone with an interest in teaching mathematics, and sociology and psychology majors interested in the science of learning.

David Crombecque


Mathematics Department

Course offering: has a service learning component

relevant majors: mathematics, sciences, psychology, sociology,


Psyched4Jobs: MS in Applied Psychology Program

The MS in Applied Psychology program at the University of Southern California (formerly known as MHB program) is organizing the event Psyched4Jobs taking place on October 25th, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  This event is focused on providing undergraduate psychology students who are not seeking careers in clinical training, with the chance to hear first-hand about the opportunities available to them after graduation.

The event will encompass speakers from various fields of study in psychology including: Marketing, Human Resources/Organizational, Mental Health, Applied Behavioral Analysis, with job market and graduate school prep as additional resources for students. The students will be exposed to experts in this field through a series of presentations and get a chance to network and personally discuss their potential interests.


Fall 2013 Career Fair


The Fall 2013 Career Fair is here!  Each year, more than 400 organizations seeking to employ USC students from diverse disciplines attend our career fairs. All students are encouraged to attend and explore the wide variety of internship and full-time employment opportunities that are represented:

Thursday, September 19, 2013
10:00 am – 2:30 pm

Trousdale Parkway

Part-time, Full-Time, and Internship positions available from over 150 companies.  Log-in to connect SC for more information.

Dress to impress!  Bring your resume.


Explore@4 is a series of interactive panel discussions designed to help students explore popular career paths with industry professions in an informational setting.

All Explore@4 panels take place from 4:00 – 5:30 PM (w/exception)

Fall 2013  Career Panels:

9.9 Careers in technology for Non-Techies @ Trojan Presentation Room – STU B3

9.10 Language Careers @ Trojan Presentation Room – STU B3

9.11 TIS Bulge Bracket Investment Banking Panel – @ Davidson Conference Center (7:00 – 9:00pm)

9.12 Economics and Math Careers @ Tutor Campus Center 351/352

9.24 Health Careers without an MD @ Tutor Campus Center 227

9.25 Careers for Foodies @ Trojan Presentation Room – STU B3

9.26 Consulting @ Tutor Campus Center 351/352

For more information:

National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events


Research Assistant Needed: Genetics of PTSD Study

We are looking for a part-time volunteer research assistant for an IRB-approved study on the Genetics of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Colin P. Dias, M.D., Principal Investigator, IRB #HS-10-00623). This exciting study is being conducted at the Keck School of Medicine, USC. Recruiting is being done on-site in the Department of Emergency Medicine at LAC + USC Medical Center.

This is an opportunity to cultivate research and clinical skills in a stimulating environment while receiving research training and supervision from our professional research team members.

Undergraduate students majoring in psychology will have opportunities to:
Support the study by preparing clinical interview materials and entering data in SPSS.
Oversee the entire study process and provide support for the clinical interviewers.
Interact with research participants to manage scheduling of interviews.

No cost training and certification in HIPAA, Human Subjects, and Good Clinical Practice compliance.

Participation in monthly clinical supervision with Dr. John Briere, a world expert in treatment of trauma.

Attend research team meetings.

Support in developing your own research project that may be presented at professional conferences.

Advanced undergraduate students may apply for PSYC 391 course credit.

If you are interested in being part of our energetic and skilled research team, please email your CV to Dr. Semple along with a brief cover letter that includes a statement of interest.

Undergraduate Research Positions – USC Health, Emotion & Addiction lab is looking for undergraduate research assistants.

Assistantships are available as part of a Directed Research Course or can be done on a volunteer basis.  Assistants work on studies examining the role of emotional factors that influence tobacco, alcohol and drug use, as well as other behaviors that impact health (e.g. exercise and diet). Undergraduate assistantships are a great way to gain initial exposure to research in preparation for medical school and graduate school in psychology, neuroscience and public health. 

We are currently looking for research assistants who are either fluent in Spanish or have a full day of availability in fall 2013.  To get a better understanding of our lab, please check out our website ( 

If you are interested, we’d appreciate if you could answer some questions by clicking on the following link ( Please contact Bree Geary at for more information!

Undergraduate Research Opportunity – Advertising for URAP interns

3 paid URAP internships: Seeking 3 talented undergrads (biology/pre-med, math/engineering, and computer science/engineering) for a multidisciplinary cancer simulation team. The team will work to make powerful 3-D computer models of cancer user friendly enough for diverse research teams, while testing and refining simulations of invasive breast cancer, stem cell biology, and chemotherapy. Publication and indepdendent study opportunities available. Applications due May 10, interviews May 13-17, and project to run summer 2013-spring 2014. See details in the attached flyer or at, and apply as instructed to

Requirements: Should be a junior or advanced sophomore with a 3.5+ GPA.  One position in biology, pre-med or related. One position in math or engineering or related. One position in computer science or engineering or related. Same flyer for all 3 positions.


Study Psychology or Art History at University College London

Wednesday, April 24, 2013. 1:00-2:00 pm @ MPH 102

Come meet with USC Director and discuss opportunities at UCL



The Invisible Men Screening